Stream OS

Stream OS

Example Screens
Stream OS has been made to be fully custom with everything seen in the example images either saved as .SVG or .PNG files for you to instantly drop into your favourite streaming software or overlay editor or for you to dig in deep and edit your socials or the window titles, hell even the entire colour scheme.

Within the Folder you will find both these example screens (saved as png), Individual components, a Read me file that goes into detail in how to edit, and a master file if you'd rather edit everything all together.

The game shown in example screens is Stardew Valley, made and copyright by Eric BaroneSickhead Games
Along with the individual assets and screens you will also find fully customisable panels that can be edited from the window title right down to the gradient and font. 

If you wish to download this overlay for free there will also be a credit panel to put below your video stream in twitch.

To use this overlay and assets without credit please pay £10 via paypal.